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Boss Timers can be found here.

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Black Desert Online World Boss Vell is locate North of Velia in the ocean. Vell spawns 2  days a week Sunday and Wednesday. Boss timers can be found by clicking on the world boss image above.

Vell Raid begins with Vell spawning in between rocks. The goal of Vell is to park your boat just out side of the rocks so you can hit her with your boats canon. She will spawn and do several aoe's. Vell will jump into the air when the aoe is about to go off. When this happens you will need to dive under water or you will get instantly one shot. Once Vell is dead you will get a Vell's bundel in your black spirit safe that might contain a Vell's heart. 

If you don't want to ride a boat out to Vell every week you can always have Vell kill you and spawn safe zone. Once this happens each week you can just join a friends platoon that is shooting Vell with there boat. When this happens you can just stay in the safe zone and you will still get a reward bundle at the end. 

Vell can be hard to find the first time as it is in the ocean and you cannot see in the ocean. This video shows where Vell is at in the ocean. If you are sailing out to vell for the first time I recommend you buy a explorers compass. 

Location of Vell

Loot Table

Killing Vell has a chance of dropping a Vell's heart. Vell and Garmoth are the two bosses you definitely don't want to miss out on each week. Vell's hearts are worth 10 billion and add three sheet ap to your stats. An amazing boost for any player in the game. 

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