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Sycraia Underwater Ruins

In Black Desert Online Sycraia Underwater Ruins is an end game grind zone wise. Sycraia requires about 330dp and 265ap Kutum to make it work. Sycraia mobs are primarily grinded for money.  The money per hour here is very good even without rare drops. Sycraia is probably one of the top money spots per hour when not getting any rare drops. When you do get rare drops here the money per hour is crazy. If you have bad rng Sycraia is definetley the spot for you. 


Sycraia Underwater Ruins can be accessed by traveling out to sea and going under water to find the door. There is a much easier way which requires a travelers map. The video to the left will show you exactly what you need and how to get into Sycraia in a matter of minutes.

Sycraia Underwater Ruins Map Location

Loot Table

Sycraia Underwater Ruins Loot Table
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