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Boss Timers can be found here.

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Black Desert Online World Boss Quint is located  Northwest of Calpheon. Quint spawns every Saturday. Boss timers can be found by clicking on the world boss image above.

Quint raid begins with Quint spawning on quint hill. Quint will do five types of moves. Swinging, smashing, roaring, stomping and rolling. When ever you see these types of moves make sure you get out of his way as he hits hard. 

If you don't have the gear to fight Quint and you are scared of fighting you can always just get a hit on him and then stand far back so you cant get hit. By doing this you stay at a safe distance where you wont have a chance of dying. 

Loot Table

Killing Quint gives you a chance of getting a Dim Ogre Ring. This has a chance of dropping a shattered necklace, Ogre ring, pri Ogre ring, or a duo Ogre ring. Quint isn't to important to go to the main reason people fight him is for completing a quest for Bartali's journal. 

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