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Boss Timers can be found here.

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Black Desert Online World Boss offin is located directly north of Grana in Kamasylvia. Offin spawns every Saturday at 12am PST. Boss timers can be found by clicking on the world boss image above.

Offin raid begins with focusing on the first root of the tree which is Offins leg. Once this is destroyed Offin TET will come down an you will need to fight him. The way this works is Offen TET will drop to 70% health after the first root has been destroyed. After the second root has been destroyed Offin TET will drop to 30% health. Once this happens Offin will travel back inside the tree and you can then destroy the final root then  Offin will come out an final time and you will be able to finish off offin. 

If you dont have the gear to fight Offin and you are scared of fighting you can use a Matchlock to destroy Offins barrier. By doing this you stay at a safe distance where you wont have a chance of dying. 

Loot Table

Killing offin has a chance of dropping a weapon box where you can choose between any Offin main hand. You get a offin aura which once you obtain 100 you will be able to turn them in for an offin box. The other possible loot is something called a belongings of an adventurer. These are super rare and have a chance of dropping any accessory from the base version to tet!

offin weapon.PNG
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