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Boss Timers can be found here.

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Black Desert Online World Boss Kutum is located Northeast of Altinova and Northwest of Sand Grain. Kutum spawns 7 days a week. Boss timers can be found by clicking on the world boss image above.

Kutum Raid begins with focusing on Kutum. Kutum will spawn and do mutiple types of aoe's. Most aoe's by Kutum you want to avoid fully and when Kutum starts going underground keep moving. Kutum is more of a beginner boss as she is not to difficult to fight.

If you don't have the gear to fight Kutum you can always just get a couple hits off on her and then stand on the side. You can still get loot from Kutum this way.

Loot Table

Killing Kutum has a chance of dropping a weapon box where you can choose between any Kutum sub weapon. You get a Kutum aura which once you obtain 100 you will be able to turn them in for an Kutum box. The other possible loot is something called a belongings of an adventurer. These are super rare and have a chance of dropping any accessory from the base version to tet!

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