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Kartuga Ancient Ruins

Kartuga Ancient Ruins is an intermediate grind-zone. Kartuga mobs are grinded primarily for money as the drops here are amazing. The money per hour here with good drops is as good as the best grind spots in the game. The reccomended ap for here is 245 but the dp needed is at least 320 as the mobs hit like a truck. Getting in is tricky as you need a black spirit claw piece or Kartuga slates. Once you get a black spirit claw piece you will need to go to Hasrah Ancient Ruins. Inside will be a door you need to open the door to Kartuga. A video below will show you how to enter. Make sure once you enter you whistle your mount in or you will not have anyway to stack your trash loot.


Kartuga is located East of Heidel; Heidel is South of Velia, the first major city in Black Desert.

Kartuga Ancient Ruins Map Location

Loot Table

Kartuga Ancient Ruins
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